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BOOKS ON LIBERIA AND THE BONG MINING COMPANY. Reisebilder aus Liberia by: J. Büttikofer 2 Volumes (each ca. 440pp); Printed 1890 This is a great book about Liberia, its people and its cultures. I don´t know weather it was translated into english and the only edition I know of is a …

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Bong Mining Co. in Liberia had a highly structured organization, not unlike many large mining operations in less developed countries. In many ways it resembled the organization of the old Braden Copper Co. in Chile as observed by one of the authors (JVT) in 1965.

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The mine was closed in 1989 due to the civil war in Liberia. n 2008, China-Union Investment Co. Ltd. announced a US$2.6 billion dollar project to renovate the Bong Mines, located 150 km north of Monrovia. The mine was formerly operated by a German company, but production was interrupted by the Liberian Civil War (1989-2003).

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Bong Mine Students Association, Liberia. 675 likes. The Association is gear towards promoting Students and shaping their minds through discussions on...

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BOOKS ON LIBERIA AND THE BONG MINING COMPANY. BOOKS ON LIBERIA AND THE BONG MINING COMPANY. Reisebilder aus Liberia by: The Author was one of the men that helped set up the Bong Mine and bring it online. Read more; Bong Town Wikipedia. Bong Town (also known as Bong Mine Community or just Bong) is a populated place in the Bong County of Liberia.


CHINA-UNION (HONG KONG) MINING CO., LTD., a corporation organized under the laws of Hong Kong, and CHINA-UNION INVESTMENT (LIBERIA) BONG MINES CO., LTD. a corporation organized under the laws of Liberia. Capitalized terms used in this Agreement without other definition have the respective meanings assigned thereto in Section 1 of this Agreement.

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In addition to traditional cattle production systems under village conditions, commercial production is being initiated in Liberia on the rubber plantations (Liberian Agricultural Company and Firestone) and on private commercial farms, which are increasing in number.

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Bong Town (also known as Bong Mine Community or just Bong) is a populated place in the Bong County of Liberia. [1] The Bong Mining Company was founded by Thyssen (Germany).

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The Bong Mine railway is operating along its full 80km route, from the jetty in Monrovia (just beyond the Free Port) up to Bong Mine town. It runs a passenger service four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, I think, though I had conflicting days given) known as the Commercial Service, and freight six days a week (not Sunday), known as the Industrial Service.

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Liberian Leader and Chinese Ambassador to Liberia. The China Union Mining Company has turned over the Bong Mines Hospital to the Liberian Government to continue providing medical services for the people of Bong Mines and its surroundings.

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During WW II, the free port of Monrovia was built by the US. Liberia was officially at war with the Axis Powers. William V.S. Tubman became president in 1943 and was elected for a fifth four-year term in 1963; he was in office during the formative years of the Bong Mining Co. project.

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The rain forest soils, while well drained, are strongly leached, making Liberia better adapted to tree-crop agriculture than to annual field-crop production. The major rubber, rice, coffee, cocoa, vegetable, and fruit producing areas lie outside of Monrovia.

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Despite the quest of the government and the people of Liberia for more foreign direct investments in the country in order to earn revenue and improve the living conditions of citizens, residents of Bong Mines, a former mining area of the Bong Mining Company (BMC) now operated by China Union, have described the Chinese company’s US$2.6 billion investment as unhelpful to them.

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I lived in Bong Town(Bong Mine), Liberia, West Africa. has 959 members. Did you live in Bong Town, when the mine was running.

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A serious financial crisis has hit the Bong Mines Hospital, the only referral hospital located in the Bong mining town in Fuamah District, lower Bong County.

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Company Overview. Bong Iron Ore Mine in Liberia comprises an open iron ore mine containing over 1.3 billion tons of reserves and is located in Bong, Liberia.

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Information about Liberia and the Bong Mining Company. WELCOME TO BONG TOWN. To listen to Radio News from Liberia click here. To check what´s happened so far, please click here. All images and articles on this website are protected by international copyright laws and may not be ...

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The fourth mining company, Bong Mining Company (BMC), was created following a concession agreement with German investors in 1958. The mine opened in 1965. ‘Bong mine’ as the company was and still is colloquially called in Liberia, was then the largest German investment in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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Iron ore production was estimated to have increased by 11.7% to 5.25 million metric tons (Mt). This estimate was based on reported production by ArcelorMittal of 4.9 Mt and estimated production of 350,000 t from China Union Investment (Liberia) Bong Mines Co.’s (CUI) Bong Mine for the 7 months from February to September 2014.


IMPACTS OF IRON ORE MINING ON WATER QUALITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT IN LIBERIA. ... Union In vestment Mine in Bong County, Liberia . S ... primary metal production can be expected to …

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The potential. for. iron ore. in . Liberia. R E P U B L I C O F I B E I A M I N I S T R Y O F N L A N D S, M I E S & E N E R G Y G E O L O ... resources of iron ore. Currently it accounts for 15 per cent of African production with most mines located in supracrustal rocks in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia (BGS, 2015). ... and the Bong mine ...

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Bong Mines (LINA) – Reports from the China union Bong Mining Company in Fuamah District, Lower Bong County says a mudslide has taken place leaving the company main iron ore plant damaged. According to the Liberia News Agency, the mudslide incident took place during the late morning hours of Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

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The Bong mine is a large iron mine located in central Liberia in Bong County. Bong represents one of the largest iron ore reserves in Liberia and in the world having estimated reserves of 4 billion tonnes of ore grading 36% iron metal.

Secial Report: Liberia - 22 December

The tailing pond of the now defunct Bong mining company has been converted into a rice growing area proving about 1 000 acres to 750 farmers, most of whom are the former employees of the mining company. Seed rice production has resumed through a bilateral arrangement with Taiwan.

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bong mine liberia production kidzzone. The Bong Mine Railway, Liberia Peter Nettleship reports below on a Februaryvisit. He revisited inclick here to read what he found then. Learn More >> More Details. Peter A Nettleship Joiners, South Yorkshire Carpenter and . Peter A Nettleship Joiners is a staircase carpenters and joiners in South Yorkshire ...

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350,000 t from China Union Investment (Liberia) Bong Mines Co.’s (CUI) Bong Mine for the 7 months from February to September 2014. Rough diamond production, as reported by the Central Bank of Liberia, increased by 46.2% to 78,497 carats. Gold output, which was reported to be 598 kilograms (kg)

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The largest concession in Liberia’s history, the $2.6 billion Bong Mines concession, was successfully negotiated, assisted by an improved bid process. The Mining Cadastre Information Management System (MCIMS) enhanced transparency, efficiency, and accuracy in mineral rights management.

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MNG Gold Liberia Inc. Job Announcement – Executive Chef (1 Position) MNG Gold Liberia, Inc. is a mining company that is currently investing in Liberia to establish a mine in Kokoya district. It is a member of the MNG Group of Companies in Turkey which is an established company with vast

China-Union makes its first shipment of iron ore from Liberia

Iron represents one of Liberia’s key resources but the sector was decimated by decades of under investment and production at Bong Mines stopped during a conflict that started in 1989 and finally ...

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The Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA) grants Reconnaissance License, Petroleum Agreement and License for Petroleum Transportation System. The National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) administers and controls the rights, title, and interest in oil and gas deposits and reserves in the Liberian territory.